Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The doctrines of Christ

Recently my mission president  issued a challenge to read topics about Jesus Christ in the scriptures, all the from his earthly ministry to his presence in the old testament, or his baptism, and ect.  It's been intresting to read these versus because it gives you a different perspective on his actions and personality.  Why he did things, what was he trying to teach the people?  I've recieved many enlightnings facts about the savior of the world.  I've learned the most about his doctrine and his will for me.  I try to ask myself, "What is he trying to say to me?"  What am I to take out of these versus?  My testimony has grown from this study and my knowledge has increased.  I've read the scripture referneces before, but they've taken on a new meaning, instead of trying to understand the principle first I try to understand the savior and his thoughts, then follows the meaning of the principle.  I feel like i'm getting to know a friend better and it's really refreshing.  I invite anyone and everyone to do the same study.  Look up in the topical guide in an LDS edition of the scriptures and find the name Jesus Christ.  There are 14 pages dealing with the savior and his influences in the worlds history. 

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